My memory is clear ... my heart yearns for England & Wales ... & the Flemish lowlands.  So many of you in attendence there, so eloquently posted your own journals of our recently completed tour, there is nothing left for me to add ... except to make the shows available for purchase.

Later today, the complete audio chronicle of our UK exploits shall go on sale at CIA (, as follows:

Each of the six UK shows (please don't inquire about the other three right now), over 2 hours of music apiece, on 2 CDs apiece, shall be available for sale on a first come first served basis.  The price shall be US$20.02 (+ S & H) for each.

ALL six shows may be purchased as a handsome boxed set, replete with collectable tour goodies for US$102 (+ S & H).  That's 6 shows for the price of 5 y'all.  The sets shall be limited to 250 numbered editions.

JS3C members shall have first crack at the box sets, which we shall SHIP on Jan. 2, 2003, so don't bug out that it's gonna cut into your Christmas cash or Hannukah gelt or Ramadan rupees.
Members shall have until Dec. 2, 2002 to order.  Non-member orders will ship Jan. 20, 2003.

For the handful of JS3C members "Waiting for Godot" so to speak, as regards your 2002 memberships ... here's our chance to get square with you.  I ask you to contact me by private email to get this done.

JS3C 2003 memberships info shall be disseminated in December.  The Society has taken on a life of its own now & it is our intention to make it almost entirely managed & organized by the fans, who will certainly do a better job than I have done.

On behalf of the hard working members of the band, crew & staff, we truly appreciate your love & support ... & as the saying sort of goes:


Cheers - Michael Gaiman