So commences the 12th year of the 7th iteration of The Kantnerian Dynasty ...

First, came the 7 sagas of the Mesozoic Airplane epoch ...

Next, came the 6 permutations of the Neolithic Jefferson Starship era ...

The brief KBC interstitial followed ...

And the even briefer Hot Tuna/Paul Kantner interregnum followed that ...

Jefferson Airplane M.E. came next ... and went away almost as quickly!

In the aftermath of The JA apocalypse, an intrepid time traveler built
Wooden Ships ...
... to Go Ride The Music ... FURTHER!!!

His name was Paul Kantner ... his former, fellow traveler, Grace Slick
described him, (at Radio City Music Hall in 1974), as a cross between
Mr. Spock & Bruce Lee.
His followers sometimes refer to him as 'The Baron.'

Upon his Wooden Ships he ...
"... made an ark from the light of the stars and hewed two mesas of
bright silver metal, that sang in the sun like a sail in the wind ..."

Jefferson Starship "The Next Generation" was launched.
"And I weave my way back to you - now I can fly"

... 11 years later ...

     Past the Starship Enterprise (first 3, then 7 years), past Deep Space
Nine (7 years) & the Starship Voyager (7 years) ... JEFFERSON STARSHIP
sails ever onward ... it's legendary journey - both temporal & corporeal.


             As ship's steward, it falls on me to tell the tell ... each of you aboard knows where we've been. It's all in the log of memory, expansive experience & audio recordings ... for those who beamed aboard in mid-flight ... those joining us for their first trips ... & those still aborning.

            First, it is my duty to announce the departure of our longtime web master Art Dansker of Jungle Web Sites. 'Artski' lovingly guided our web presence into the 21st C & he will be missed. Many of you have come to know him personally ... know what a funny, intelligent fellow he is. Concurrently, on behalf of our ever growing 'family,' I welcome Rick & Suzanne McNamara of The Studio. They are long time fans, musicians, audio & video technicians, & we entrust our internet navigations to them (god help 'em!). Not wasting a moment, Commander McNamara has put his own imprint onto the astrogator. For those of you who by-pass the load page, by bookmarking A-Deck, I urge you re-fresh the site, for a peek into the things to come.

           Second, I hope each of you enjoys a quiet Feb. - it seems as if we'll be busier than usual for the remainder of the year, following this brief hiatus. Note to all you statistics junkies: My 'second watch,' which commenced in 2000, yielded 60 shows that year ... 61 in 2001 ... 61 in 2002. Whereas this is four times the number of shows the band played in 1997 & double the number played each in 1998 & 1999 ... it is still 10-20% less than the number played per annum 1992-1996. This far in 2003, I have booked or held over 45 shows ... & it's still January. I intend on booking over 100 shows ... perhaps as much as 120 shows. Are you with me?

       Third, with the addition of the PERRO material, (kudos to PAUL, SLICK, DIANA & CHRIS by the way, for all the January 'breakouts'), the band's repertoire has exceeded 100 songs. Impressive? You ain't seen nothin' yet! PK refuses to stand pat & I have it on good authority that we'll be up past 110 by summer. 

       If all goes according to plan, this will be a very interesting year for the band. We have already booked our most extensive non-summer runs in the New England & the mid-west ... the latter of which shall be electric. We are holding Spring dates in San Francisco & The Bay Area & shall announce them soon. Demand for our services is massive - could all The War Mongering be at fault? We are holding many summer festivals dates & intend on adding many, many more. Additionally, we intend on visiting Europe three, count 'em - three separate times in 2003: Germany & Italy in Spring ... festivals in Summer ... & our 2nd annual (why not?) UK/Europe theater sortie in Fall.

          We are negotiating to perform several prestigious cultural events ...
one in Vatican City & one in Havana, Cuba. The updated schedule of firm
dates is up & will be strictly maintained as we shall post new shows
with ferocious enthusiasm.

          Sometime during 2003, we shall have played our 800th show ... more than every other version of Jefferson combined. For this to occur, required & continues to require a special collaboration between musicians, technicians & patrons ... but verily, without us fans (that's right - I'm a card carrying fan of 34 years), there would be no deuterium to fire the engines. It is for this reason (amongst others), that we established JS3C, one year ago.

        The purpose of The Society was two-fold: To draw together the most
ardent fans from across the globe, and to fund the recording of new material. Apparently, we were largely successful with the former. I have met & heard from so many of you, urging us to continue JS3C, that it surely has taken on a life of its own. My only hesitation surrounded some work of membership fulfilment, that sadly fell through the cracks. To those of you who constitute the so-called "Neglected Nine," (more like 14 really) - I cannot apologize enough - so I am extending your membership through 2003. To the rest of you more or less (I hope more than less) happy Cartographers, you may expect Paul's PERRO novel & accompanying music before spring. Upon receipt of same - all 2002 membership expectations will be complete ... except for the "get togethers." We are planning those now & I'll have definite word for you very shortly.

     Our second purpose, the recording of new material, remains underfunded & unrealized. So - to kill two Romulan warbirds with one photon torpedo, I am excited to announce the extension of The Jefferson Starship Society for Stellar Cartography's charter, for another year. For those of you wishing to join us ... read on ...

As regards JS3C 2003: I wish to extend sincerest thanks to all those who have emailed me thoughts/suggestions to make my job easier. I am hopeful you will find your voice in the regimen I wish to offer for the coming year.

 For me, the most difficult aspect of membership ... was in most probability, the least difficult for members. That is, the laminates granting unlimited, free access to the band's performances. To be crass for a moment, this was the singular most valuable premium for membership (aside from the joy of paying dues, supporting the band). I have wrestled over & over, with the concept of altering this in some fashion, (it drove the promoters crazy, having to deal with it on their end!). Try as I may, I cannot get around the fact, that to diminish premiums in ANY capacity, would also diminish your joy ... & feeling of par value for paying dues to The Society.


Accordingly, here is what I propose, for 2003 JS3C membership:

  1.  DUES: $100 payable by check or money order only. Shipping & handling
    shall be $5 for U.S. residents, $12 for non-U.S. residents. Please make
    checks payable to 'AVENUE K MANAGEMENT,' at the usual address.
  2.  DEADLINE: Memberships shall only be accepted through Mar. 1, 2003.
    This will guarantee our ability to fulfill everyone's membership in
    timely fashion. Last year, we were tripped up by memberships that
    dribbled in summer & fall.
I--PERSONALIZED LAMINATES that allow gratis admission to all Jefferson Starship general admission performances, ARE BACK, with the following caveat: Cartographers will be guaranteed said admission to no less than 8 shows (& in all likelihood, ALL shows they desire to attend); however,
CONFIRMATION of attendance must be made in writing, via email, at least 48 hours in advance. Said CONFIRMATION will be coordinated by one East Coast based, one West Coast based, & one UK based (for ALL of Europe)
JS3C member, whose names shall be determined within several days.

II--2 CDS FROM THE ARCHIVES will again, accompany membership. I am not at liberty to divulge exactly what they are - but suffice to say, if you were pleased with last year's PERRO/BVT 'out's - then YOU know that I know that YOU know, you're gonna dig 'em ... AND they can't be found in anyone's tape collection, except ours!

III--"PAUL KANTNER's NICARAUGUA DIARY" (Expanded, Director's Cut & Accompanying Music & Revolutionary Poetry) ... we send these later in
the year.

IV--THE DOWNLOAD PORTAL, an expanded 'members only' audio/video archive. 

V-JEFFERSON STARTOURS, wherein our team of travel professionals in conjunction with the newly formed JS3C SPACE TRUCKERS, make it fun, easy & economical to join the band in faraway places.

Thanks for listening ... all the best in 2003. Now, as The Baron says:

"Go out & stuff the universe into your eyes!"

... & Welcome Aboard!!!

Cheers- Michael Gaiman/ Mission Control/ 26 January, 2003