Dear Fellow Explorers:
    The summer that was - is rapidly waning - & shall soon be memory ... the affliction that beset our
enigmatic BARON ... and kept him away for a few shows has subsided - (hey - even Barry Bonds
spends a few weeks on the DL with back spasms now & again).
    Next weekend, PAUL returns to the "clean-up" spot, to fill out the starting line-up roster card.  These shall constitute the final shows we play in the tri-state area for 2002.  They are 'acoustic shows' that also feature MARTY, SLICK, DIANA & CHRIS ... think Fall 2000!

    Notably, the band shall perform with the legendary PETE SEEGER @ The Hudson River Festival in Poughkeepsie on Sat., Sept. 21.  PETE & PAUL have worked out a special song for the occasion ...
 ... perhaps we can get PETE up for "Volunteers" as well.  Now that would be something!

    Sun., Sept. 22 @ The Bottom Line, NY shall be "Fan Appreciation Night."  We shall make it as special as possible & look forward to seeing everyone, in Poughkeepsie & in NYC next weekend.

    Thu. &Fri., Oct. 10 & 11 respectively, shall be our last East Coast shows of 2002.  These are our warm-ups for Europe - we hope to break out some 'new' material for you, that we'll be 'debuting' on the continent.  The State Thr. in Falls Church, VA is one our very favorite places to play, so we hope all of you can make it there.

" ... the castles on The Rhine never seem to mind the time ..." - GRACE SLICK 1989

After much endeavor & reconfiguration, JS-E02 ... the tour of Europe has been completely booked.  I had hoped this would have been accomplished some weeks ago - to give those of you seeking to join us - an opportunity to put your affairs in order ... submit vacation time requests & the like ... NOT at the last minute ... but well enough in advance for convenience sake.  The truth is:  It would have been bad form of us to organize a trip for you that might fall through - compromising valuable time off. Consequently - it's become a hurry up & wait scenario.  
    Those of you wishing to block book & join us for either "THE CONTINENT," "THE UK" or "BOTH" are URGED to email me privately BEFORE WED., SEPT. 18.  If there is sufficient interest, we shall be able to create an adventure for you, that shall be both economical & memorable.  We shall arrange your air, hotel, ground transportation, and of course - the concerts.  Society members have this latter component, already covered.  I shall post on A-Deck, late next week, whether or not we have enough "Volunteers."  If we fail to achieve the requisite number for block booking, I shall personally assist all who do wish to attend.

    Speaking of JS3C:  I have now completely filled ALL outstanding memberships.  Those of you, whose receipt of goods has been delayed, shall find a pleasant surprise in your package.  The failure to deliver with alacrity is mine alone - any who desire further satisfaction should email me privately.

    A final word about JS-E02:  I can't help but remember, 30 years ago this past Spring, our GRATEFUL DEAD 'cousins' made their own extended foray to the Old World.  It resulted in a fine 3 LP release ... many wonderful tapes ... & very recently, a 4CD set culled from their UK performances.  It was also PIGPEN's last tour with the band - and though all of us are in excellent health (PAUL too!) - and in our prime - the coming tour is the longest we have ever attempted outside the U.S.  
    Perhaps it's the golden, dappled light of coming Autumn, glinting through my window ... or my own passing into fatherhood this year ... but there is something about the coming expedition I find especially sweet & poignant.  I hope many of you get to join us!

Galactic-ally yours ... Michael Gaiman, Sept.13, 2002
OCT 23 Amsterdam, NETH  Melkweg 6  pc. ELECTRIC
OCT 24   Nidrum. BELGIUM Twilight Cafe 6  pc. ELECTRIC
OCT 25   Luxembourg-City, LX Den Atelier 6  pc. ELECTRIC
OCT 27   Cardiff, Wales The Coal Exchange 6  pc. ELECTRIC
OCT 28   Milton Keynes, UK The Stables 6  pc. ELECTRIC
OCT 29 Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK The Opera House 6  pc. ELECTRIC
OCT 30  


OCT 31   London, UK The Astoria 6  pc. ELECTRIC
NOV 1 Wolverhampton, UK Robin 2 6  pc. ELECTRIC
NOV 2     Southampton, UK The Brook 6  pc. ELECTRIC
NOV 10     Glendale, CA Love Ride 19  ELECTRIC w/ DARBY GOULD
April 19 Ignacio, CO  Sky Ute Casino  ELECTRIC



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