Jeff Wells - Jeff died today 05/06/04 

Jean Wells-Thank you so much for your kind words, they mean a lot. Jeff had been in hospital for 2 weeks, they were doing tests for cancer, he didn't want anyone to know, then suddenly it seems his heart gave out. He loved the band and the many fans he met, you were his life, now no more. He ended on a high with the UK tour, its how he would have wished it. We must carry on but it will be a sadder place. Your words and thoughts are a great help to me. He was a lovely man. 
Scot-Peace be with you, Jeff and your family.

Fla Bob-Peace to you -I am sorry for your loss. Although I never met Jeff any loss to this "family" is felt by all. I extend my deepest sympathies to you, your family and all who knew him.Peace, Bob

tomv-not much for me to say. aside from some posts here, i didn't know jeff, but from reading the tributes here i really wish i did. he sounds like he was a wonderful human being, and there are far too few of those. i guess there is one less now, and that is a loss to us all.

Lesley-time will soften the pain, but thankfully not the memories, which is as it should be. 
my deepest condolences to all who loved him and were loved by him.
Our family has lost a lovely, kind soul and the world is more empty place for his passing.
My thoughts are with Jean and family.Lesley 

Ed DeLuca-A most robust of characters he was. I'll tip a pint to his memory and dedicate Ed's V to him. He will be watching from the stars.

Valerie-My deep sympathies to his family. I don't think I ever had any personal contact with Jeff, but I have known his name for several years now. It is very sad to lose a "forum family member".

Tim-Very very sad news of your loss, Jean. Had the rare pleasure of enjoying Jeff’s company during the Marin weekend. He was so young at heart. We all will miss our brother.

At first I was iridescent
then I became transparent
finally I was absent

Brian-Jean - 
our thoughts and prayers are with you in this time of sadness. I feel like i've lost a brother.Brian 

Jean (and all):

Diana & Prairie called a few minutes ago from a hotel in NYC where internet access isn't easy. They asked me to convey their great sadness, mourning Jeff, and to send their love to you and to the community here on deck. The last photo Prairie took in the U.K. was a beautiful one of Jeff. He & Diana feel so lucky to have known him, and to have recently had the chance to spend time with him (and the opportunity, Jean, to meet you).

Tears made it hard to talk. 
Diana: "I adored him. There was something so special about him. He was such a gentleman..."

They will be in touch privately, but meanwhile share your sorrow and a deep sense of loss. 

Leo Frantz-Jeff was a very friendly, nice man.
I had the chance to met him 3 times and I will miss him. One of our family is gone.

Peter D-Jeff...
A new friend, a great friend. Amateur historian, professional prankster...
Sorely missed 
kevin r schmidt-I had the privilege to meet Jeff when he came to Marin last year. On A-Deck we had our share of exchanges. But more importantly, meeting Jeff, and talking with him for a few hours made the world a smaller, more pleasant place, in a large universe that can often be cold and unkind. Today, without a warning, Jeff, took flight with the wind of our creator under his wings. 
Tonight we ride the music with one less voice in the harmony ... 

Dragon-This is shocking and terribly sad news. Jeff's perpetually positive and benign presence will be much missed and long remembered. Our hearts go out to Jean and family.

Do-He was one of the nicest people I have ever met. Always having something nice or witty to say. We lost one of our family. Carl 

Steve Rowe-We must All Fly Away, but far too early. Deepest condolences. 
Ethel and Ray-I remember when Jeff and Graham arrived at our home after endless hours of travel, exhausted but bouyant still, with anticipation of he Galactic Reunion event. Dave linked the whole party up to Paul by telephone. After chatting with a few we asked Paul who else he might wish to chat with, and he said, "give me to the Englishmen". And we did! Our kitchen had never had such a delicious bohemian stew brewing and bubbling in all directions. It was like a comet had struck down---many of us coming together like that, and Paul joining by phone.
I agree below about Jeff's dry and ready wit, and sweet friendliness to all. I had been looking so forward to meeting Jeff again for a lengthier personal chat. A favorite among ALL.

A few days after the Reunion event, I arrived home from school with a message on my door to get down to the corner florist.
When I did, I had the most glorious bouguet of long stemmed fresh spring flowers that could be imagined. I was truly stuuned to wonder what, why, WHO?

And they were from Jeff Wells, as a thank you for our hospitality. Such a warm and generous hearted gesture, so unexpected, put me in the frame of mind that I was living in a movie, with flowers pouring in from the UK, and all the FABULOUS memories of the Reunion Event itself still swirling in the atmosphere.
And here's sweet and silly moment that I recalled to Jeff just a month ago, when we were corresponding about music by Email!
I am so glad I did. We laughed a second time.
At the after party, which was wall-to-wall people in a small hotel room, boistrous with conversation, I was in a semi-gassed up daze looking to hook up with RAY. Pickin' through the crowd I went, half-conscious. And I slipped my arms warmly around RAY'S round belly from the back, not even lookin' up to realize----
THAT IS JEFF!!!!! Not RAY!!!!! :-) :-)
Of course, it wasn't the worst thing on earth!
A bit embarrassing...but,in fact, gales of laughter were the result. And Jeff had an extra witty way of responding, that made it all the more fun.
I agree with Carl. It's a family loss.
My heart goes out to Jeff's family, and to all his UK buddies who loved him so dear.
I know not what hour it must have been in England when Jeff was donating to KPFA, live, during the 'PK' program. In the studio we were pleased to consider his support from afar, the new Internet WorldWeb, and David Gans noted Jeff's name and location on that live recording

Our Love,
Ethel and Ray

Adrian-I couldn't believe it when Graham called me a few hours ago to tell me the news. Ironically, the call came as I was sorting out pictures from the UK tour and putting them into albums ready to take to The Ship on Saturday. Even more ironically, in the film I was sorting at the time was a picture from backstage in Sheffield of some of the touring fans (one of the pics taken by Diana when she grabbed my camera off me...), and there's Jeff - standing right next to Paul with a big grin on his face.

It doesn't matter how many people are in The Ship on Saturday - The place will still feel empty.


Graham S-Although I'd only known Jeff for 3 or so years (June or July '01 I think it was), he was the big brother I'd never had.
Everyone who came in contact with him loved him.
Unassuming, a smile and word with everyone - and one of the most avid Jefferson anything collectors I met. Never had a bad word to say for anyone.
I know this thing happens to all of us but why the good guys before the shit-heads?
Gotta go cos I can't see what I'm writing. We'll join you on the other side of the sun. 
Neil-I barely knew Jeff - mainly this years tour - but I just cannot believe this. His farewell from the Hotel was that we would meet again soon - it was something I looked forward to.
His infectious enthusiasm will be sorely missed.

Jeff Hagen-I am stunned and so saddened.........
What a gentleman! My heart goes out to you Jean, and your family and I will mourn with you for the loss of my friend. The loss to your family and this on is beyond imagination.
See you beyond Pooneil Corners sometime, Jeff 
Sympathies to his family on their greater loss. 

Steve Perry-I am totally shocked by this sad news.
I have been remembering Jeff this evening, and the time I spent with him, the UK tours, the Italy tour, the meetings at the ship, phone calls and E-Mails...
Jeff was a good friend. He was always happy and smiling, and one of the nicest, kindest people I have ever met. I will always have happy memories of Jeff.
My deepest sympathies to Jean and Alexander.

Bob Wander-A kinder and gentler people we must be because we all hang suspended,
so delicately.
Goodbye to a friend I never met,
and hello to his loved ones.
Peace to all those who knew and loved Jeff Wells........

Angie-Although I did not know Jeff, I knew of him.
It's obvious that all mankind should be like him.
I send my condolences to Family and Friends.

Salvador & Fulgen-Just reading this sad new. 
First time we met Jeff was at the hotel in Frome before JS performance and then at Stables. He seemed to us a very nice and friendly person. Thanked him for introducing Diana and Paul to us at Stables …
We deeply mourn his decease. 
Rest in peace, friend
Salvador & Fulgen

Rick Martin-I'm just so sorry and sad to hear about this. It almost seems unreal.
Even though I only met Jeff about 6 weeks ago, traveling with him for 10 days made it seem like I had known him for ages. What a kind man!!!
My thoughts & prayers go out to his family.
Rick Martin 

Mission Control-

Buffalo Bill's
who used to
ride a watersmooth-silver
and break onetwothreefourfive pigeonsjustlikethat
he was a handsome man
and what i want to know is
how do you like your blueeyed boy
Mister Death

-- E. E. Cummings

Marin Paul S.-Jeff Wells....Salt of the Earth. I only met him over the weekend at a last years Marin Galactic. He was as good a man as I have ever known. Fly on Jeff, I will remember you for the fine human you were, and the wonderous spirit you ARE. 

Kenny-I only met Jeff once. I was in London on business, and posted here asking if any UK JS fans wanted to meet for a beer. Jeff showed up, along with Graham, and spent the better part of a night drinking and eating with me (and my customers). 
We all thought he was a great guy. Very affable, friendly, and with a seemingly permanent smile on his face.
I don't believe in sending flowers, but if anyone knows of a charity that Jeff suppported or believed in, I'd like to make a donation in his memory.
Rest in peace, friend.

Christo-very sorry to hear of this news
What a lovely man - 
My deepest sympathies 

Marin Paul S. -For Jeff: I raise my pipe , Volunteers cd cranked...."What a lovely man" - Christo

Dave-Having had the pleasure of hanging with Jeff last year in Marin and in MA and then again on the recent UK tour, I am stunned by this loss. I has just sent him some JS cds last week and was awaiting his usual thanks. We'll say a toast to him tomorrow at Donovans. My condolences to his family. 
Great man. Great friend. :( :( 

Ms.B-He will be missed. I was lucky enough to meet him last summer. I can't believe it. I'm so sorry. 

Johnny and Alison-Jeff - one of the good guys.
I'm absolutely stunned. 
We will all miss him terribly. Us in the UK have much to be thankful to him for.
Jean and Alexander - our thoughts are with you
Love and best
Johnny and Alison

Jelly-A wicked grin, a sharp sense of humour, the ability to wind somebody up whilst keeping a completely straight face - an absolute belter of a guy.
Beyond that he was a load of other great things - knowledgeable, helpful, and nice as pie. And modest - the sort of bloke who'd cringe with embarrassment to read this. We'd have struggled considerably in Italy last year without Jeff's experience and little bit of local knowledge.
I'm just completely shocked at the news. Too soon, amigo, too soon. 

Sven-A very kind man...
Thank you, Jeff! 

Graham S-I'm stunned; I don't know what to say.
Jean and Alexander - my deepest sympathies.

Rich-I'm still in shock and don't know what to say. Things will not be the same without him. The heart of the UK contingent has been snatched from our grasp. 

Louise-Jeff was a very special person and a bedrock of the JS fan base. I loved the way he could engage so easily in conversation with all sorts of people about any subject it seemed. And he loved to share his passions - his interest in music and art and so on. I remember how he was always so keen to introduce everyone, fans and the band, to each other and share in his enjoyment of the shows. I feel priveleged to have been able to travel with him in Italy and in the UK and to have shared something of our love of the music together. I'm feeling a real loss just now, but I would like Jean and Jeff's family to know we all knew what a special man he was, and he is leaving us with a lot of happy memories. Peace always. 

Graham S-My last "coherent" memory of Jeff 
I may have posted this somewhere before; apologies if I have.
Although I spoke to Jeff several times after this incident they seem to be "normal" remarks compared to this.
On the evening of the private show/party in London while things appeared to be going "tits up" (as we say in the UK), Jeff walked up to me in the bar area of the hotel with that impish grin on his face. 
Now, don't forget that at this stage we had about 80 peolple who'd travelled from all over the country and paid more than they would for a normal show and things weren't looking good.
Jeff "casually" said to me "You like cats, don't you?". I just looked at him with a bemused expression on my face (hadn't had/couldn't face a drink at that point), and just came out with "Yeah, why?". "Well, do you want to have some MORE kittens?"
Sorry if that doesn't translate properly to the US but "having kittens" means panicing or desperation here

My first JS show was at London Shepards Bush.

Christo-I'd figured some fans might be in the pub nearby but I didnlt know anyone, tho I'd written with Bill Parry, and I was a bit nervous - 
I saw a table with a few JS T-shirts and I wanted to talk to folks about JS stuff but was a bit nervous - I kinda edged in and yes it was Jeff sat next to Bill.
His easygoing manner immediately put me at my ease and we chatted a while before the gig. I was a newbie but he in no way made me feel my knowledge was lacking or that he knew a lot. Just chatted with enthusiasm.
My contact with him was never much more than that - a few pleasant chats at successive shows in the bar, but even with that short contact he made an impression and one I'll remember. Kind - enthusiastic, someone who savoured the music and communicated it to others...
I shall miss him.

From my Tour Tales.... this was written several weeks ago and posted here, but the story was long and to some maybe boring, so may not have been seen by many of you! 

Jeff Hagen-"Most of you do not know Jeff Wells.... He is the very quiet, infrequent poster on A-Deck, travel partner/ mates with Graham, Jelly etc and always positive about the band. He is retired (young for retirement though) with his wife, Jean, and they live in London. Jeff has a very open expressive face and is smiling often throughout this tour. He is a very independent sort and makes up his own mind about where he will stay, always rooming alone
because he values the privacy, I believe. He also loves this band with his soul and will buy anything they release and see them under any circumstances possible. He will be along for the entire tour, but never in the hotel with the band or the Shipmates. 

Jeff's typical position is stage right in front of Slick with his arms crossed. When he is really into the groove of the music (often) he looks like a bobble-head doll of Jeff Wells from the back. His round head is nodding in time to the music and I just know he is happy. We spent several shows in very close proximity, particularly at Leeds in front of PK (Slick asked why Jeff abandoned him after the show) and the treats took us both to an even deeper level of enjoyment. More on this later. Know that I have a deep affection for this quiet, sophisticated man that cannot be adequately expressed here. A Shipmate's shipmate. I don't know if this helps you all to know JW better or not, but he is a fine man." 
Dave-I called Slick this afternoon and gave him the bad news. After the initial shock wore off, he fondly recalled the ride to the airport with Jeff. I'm sure they had a great conversation. I hope he dedicates a song tomorrow to him. 
I'm still bummed. Felt like a relative died. My main reason for going to the UK in March was to hobnob with the UK fans. I kept wanting to drink pints with all of ya, esp Jeff. He was the first person I emailed when I booked my flight. Getting his OK that I made a wise decision was all I needed. Our farewell at that bar in London, next to the Underworld will be remembered by me for a long time. Jeff.... I'll see you on 
"The Other Side Of This Life", I hope.

Kenny-The day is long, and the reality of Jeff's passing sinks in.
We know little in the way of details, except for this most important (and painful) one....that we'll not see our friend again -- at least in this life.
I thought something today I haven't thought about in a long time. Why do the worst things that life have to offer seem to happen to the nicest people? I remember when my mom died of cancer in 87. I was driving around in Manhattan, looking at the petty criminals, drug addicts, alcoholics, hookers, and other street trash (sorry, but I was being a little judgmental at the moment) and wondering why they were allowed to live on and enjoy life while my mom died a prolonged and painful death.
I then read a book called "When bad things happen to good people". It was a great and inspirational book. I think about it a lot on days like today, when horrible and seemingly unfair things happen to the nicest of people.
I have no answers as to why.
All I can do, as a person of faith, is try not to second-guess God's plan and wisdom. Second, I can pray for the emotional comforting of Jeff's family and for us, his friends. The coming days, weeks and months will not be easy ones.
I'll be at Donovan's tomorrow night. Yeah, I'll enjoy hearing Slick play. Yeah, we'll probably have a few drinks and hoist 'em to Jeff's memory. But I have a sneaky suspicion that it won't be a typical Friday night at Donovan's.
Other than making sure his loved ones were ok, I think he'd want his friends to have a good time in his memory, and that he'd be part of it. Here's to you, Jeff. A cold and foamy one, and the remembrances of a few folks who were lucky enough to have you touch our lives....however briefly.
Shine on!

Kenny-It was a beautiful Friday evening at Donovan's Reef in Sea Bright, NJ. The first balmy Friday evening of the year. The doors were wide open to the water side, and a nice warm breeze was blowing through the place.
I walked in, and the usual regulars were all there, including Andrew, Brian, Rich, and many others whose names I don't know yet. We were joined later by Meg (first time she's shown up at Donovan's) and Dave.
I had taken one of the pictures from Rick Martin's disk, zeroed in on Jeff (cutting out much of the crowd but leaving in Johnny S, Graham, Adrian, Steve, Jeff H, and I blew it up. I added the text "REST IN PEACE, JEFF" and put it up on the wall. Dave added a few pics of his own of Jeff and Slick from the UK tour.
Slick dedicated a number of songs throughout the show to Jeff's memory (taking Graham's suggestion to heart). He also dedicated an emotional rendition of "Knockin' on Heaven's Door" to Jeff.
The mood was NOT somber. Jeff wouldn't have wanted that......I'm quite sure. The talk was not about sadness and untimely death. It was about the life of a very nice guy who led a well rounded and happy life. Reminiscences of Marin, London, and other places. 
I don't recall exactly what Slick said, but he made a remark at one point to the effect of "nice to finally have you here (in Donovan's) with us" or something like that. I was getting a little wasted, neglecting my journalistic duties.
I'll leave the set list to Rich. It was a good 3 hours plus of great music courtesy of Slick and Dave, and some wonderful comraderie to take away the pain and loss we were all feeling.
THE GOOD NEWS: As usual, the tape decks were rolling. Dave missed the first set, but Andrew and Rich didn't. Hopefully, they will put together a "best of" (depending on who got the best sound/least bar chatter) recordings. I will post it to the newsgroup for all to download, including Rich's ALWAYS-FANTASTIC cover art.
We took the picture of Rich down. We passed it around and wrote a few words on the margins. If someone can get me Jeff's postal address, I'd like to send it to Jean.


Rich-An emotional night at Donoivan's Reef on May 7, 2004. Jeff's photo tacked to the wall by Kenny.
Althought only a few of us there knew who Slick was referring to, having several songs throughout the nightdedicated to Jeff by Slick put the loss front and center for all of us.
The set list went like this:
Set 1
1. Hesitation Blues
2. Blackbird
3. Little Wing (Dedicated to "My Buddy Jeff Wells" by Slick) 7 plus minute version
4. The Wave
5. Bridge Over Troubled Water
6. It's All Over Now
Set 2
1. Thge Long and Winding Road
2. Ohio >
3. Eleanor Rigby (one of the best to date)
4. Because We Ended As Lovers
5. Knckin' On Heaven's Door (Dedicated and to Jeff and the most emotional point of the evening. (9 1/2 minute version)
6.Josie >
7. Set End Jam
Set 3
1. While My Guitar Gently Weeps (Dedicated by Slick "To My Brother Jeff Wells") 9 1/2 min. version.
2. Deal
3. All Along The Watchtower (8 min. plus version)
4. Freeway Jam (Intense 9 minute version)
5. In My Life
6. Long Time Gone (with Louie Longo on vocals)
7. The Letter
8. Something ("Sorry I screwed that one up Jeff")
Sounded good to me.
A very intense evening with emotions swinging back and forth. Stories about Jeff were exchanged and the night was conducted as if Jeff were there with us. Hopefully he was. I know he would have enjoyed it since he always told me how lucky we were to be able to go and hear Slick play so close to home.
Save me a seat on the other side, Jeff.

I am very sorry to hear of his passing.  I did not know Jeff but I can see he had wonderfull influence on so many people here.  

Best to you Jeff on the other side of this life!

StuS-If only for three days in March and a ride back to the hotel after the show in Southampton, Jeff made me feel like a family member. I'm so sorry. 

Chris Hager-Jean: My deepest sympathies to you, Jeff's friends, and other loved ones. Jeff showed me the greatest kindness during the UK tour of 2002. And I truly enjoyed him company during his visits to the USA. He was (and remains) a fine gentleman and gentle man. I will miss him. My thoughts are prayers are with you. Chris Hager 

Dear Jean,

I had very much hoped to meet you this year. Jeff always spoke so warmly and proudly of you -- I'm glad that he brought you to one of the shows on the last tour and that Diana had the chance to welcome you onstage and spend some time with you afterward. She was very fond of him, as I'm sure you know. She could barely talk, she was sobbing so hard in the message she left telling me of his death. 

I first met Jeff about a year and a half ago, at the start of the Europe 2002 tour in Amsterdam, when after a day of missed connections, he & Graham & I finally met up at our hotel for a pint. He was grinning from ear to ear -- so very happy (that beautiful, wide smile is what first comes to mind when I think of him) and, really, excited like a little kid about the upcoming shows & getting to stay at the same hotel as the musicians he loved and had been waiting so long to see. As we were sitting there, Slick walked by outside and waved, and Jeff's face lit up. That look of radiant happiness -- then, and when you'd catch sight of him in the audience looking up at the band -- that's how I think of Jeff. As Joe B. (Marty's dad) would say, he was "living his dream."

Jean: Jeff's love for you was so clear whenever he spoke of you. He knew how incredibly lucky he was that you understood how much it meant to him to take off for weeks at a time ( & more than once) to hear the band, and that you wanted him to have that joy in his life. He appreciated that, to his core. I'm sure he told you, but please know that he also told us.

There's a timeless quality to being on the road. The days after a while merge together: the hotels, the towns, late nights filled with beautiful music; slow mornings giving way to the pleasures of unexpected meetings throughout the day, impromptu excursions, shared meals, good talks... It's a wonderful medium for growing friendships, and I feel so fortunate for my much too brief friendship with Jeff.

No matter what was on his mind, Jeff put his own concerns aside and attended fully to whomever he was with, showing genuine interest and extending himself in such a friendly and accepting way. It seems a bit dated and old-fashioned to say this, but Jeff truly was a gentleman. A mensch. He was patient, sensitive, respectful, sweet. He treated everyone graciously; I saw this time and again as we all traveled together, whether he was speaking with a musician he admired or with a waiter pouring his beer. Jeff was one of the kindest people I've ever met. 

He was also remarkably modest and self-effacing -- not in the way of someone who lacks confidence, but of someone who is deeply private and who holds high standards with respect to character. You had to read between the lines to discover how incredibly accomplished he was and how broadly educated (though his keen intellect and wit were always right up front & remained so even after days of combining sleep deprivation with beer). 

Some of us who traveled with the band in Italy last year had the pleasure of spending long stretches of time together. [Jeff was one of the Brits Michael accused of ruining his musicians' livers. The rest of you well know who you are.] Walking through museums with Jeff, a question would come up about a work of art or a period of history, and very quietly Jeff would volunteer what he knew (which, usually, was an astonishing amount. He had an amazing knowledge of history, and a deep appreciation for art). He pursued his interests with passion and single-minded delight. A few months ago, he wrote to me about having discovered Robert Service's poetry (I think it interested him as a historian), and though he apologized for succumbing to its lure, he nevertheless went in search of every obscure volume he could find. From what I saw, when Jeff became engaged with something or someone he cared about, he held nothing back. Nothing!

What a wonderful way to live, and a gift to all of us who remember him.

I will miss him, and I'll always wish we'd had more time, that we'd been lifelong friends. I am grateful for the time we did have, and I cherish many happy memories of this kind, and truly good man.

Thank you, Jean, for sharing him with us.

Jelly-He had an amazing knowledge of history, and a deep appreciation for art. Here's one that came back to me after reading this.
I remember Jeff and PK talking backstage on the Europe 02 tour (probably in Amsterdam, but perhaps in London), and PK saying how he was a fan of (Joseph) Turner's paintings and how he wanted to see some when he was over here, and asking what was available for viewing. Jeff just reeled out a list of galleries in different cities and how many Turners they had - not just in London, but also in places like NYC, and Boston I think. It was very much like "well there's a load in the Tate, but there's also x in the British Museum, y in the National Gallery, z in the V&A, and while you're in Europe there's q in the Louvre, and then next time you're over East, the Met and the Frick in New York have m and n each" except of course Jeff wasn'rt saying "x" and "y" - he knew the numbers! It was amazing, and I remember PK scrabbling around for a bit of paper to write it all down. Amazing stuff. 

Eth-For those who may not know Turner (1775-1851), his 'passion-scapes' with 'the light' could RING, and always RING... His tale with the status quo art scene, as compared to the highly popular John Constable, at the time, also a rich and passionate realistic landscape artist,
reflects a common dilemma. Turner was not able to teach. At least for a lengthy time. i think he at last found acceptance in his lifetime. But I shall have to study that again.
Storms at SEA...he painted. And many literary references, and a famed work The Slave Ship.
Art History says he "he suggested the ultimate defeat of all endeavor to nature and the fallacy of hope"
But I would say that is only HALF of what Turner's paintings suggest, for those I have seen ride on the edge of spiritual light.
I went to look in Janson for him, and I had mostly ripped it all up and cut out all Turner's pictures for use long since.....

Liz-It is tradition in my family, when we gather,
that someone recite a Robert Service poem.
I did not realize that Jeff shared the same interest.
It is these unknown things about each other
that make such separation all the more painful,
and yet NOW I will always think of Jeff
when one of my brothers recites a poem.
CHHERS, Jeff, We Miss You! Liz

Kenny-Please accept everyone's deepest sympathies. As you can tell from all the posts here, Jeff was a beloved character here on A-Deck.
You're probably quite busy right now, and don't have time for this, but if you can remember, please let us know if Jeff supported any charities or causes. Several of us would be pleased to make a donation in his memory. 
Aside from that, I'm participating in a tree planting campaign, and I'm planning on having a tree planted in his memory. Perhaps others may think that's a nice idea. Jeff might like it if we all planted trees in his honor all over the world. In a way, he would continue to live amongst us.
Kenny Lee
Middletown NJ USA

Jean Wells-Hi Kenny, I've never met you but you sound a lovely guy and I just love the idea of planting a tree to Jeff, he would love it too so much, he didn't enjoy gardening, I had to do all that, but he loved our garden and trees in particular. Its a brilliant idea and I will do it too. Thank you so much, you've really brightened my day. Love and thanks 

Suzanne-I had the utmost pleasure of meeting Jeff Wells at the Marin show in April of 2003. A bunch of us were trading stories as it were and mostly about music and musicians that we had come across. We had both expressed our admiration for the band Pink Floyd.

Jeff with his quick wit, way with words and absolutely impeccable British manners had this one to tell.

It seemed that Jeff was at one time and probably to the present was involved with banking in the United Kingdom. One of his clients was non other than "Jolly" Roger Waters, founding member of Pink Floyd. The Floyd boys are all quite well off and own things like the London telephone company and all have invested their wealth in their pet hobbies and interests. Roger or "Jolly" Roger as I liked to refer to him mostly because Mr. Waters, himself says, "That he's such a PEACH to work with…" is a very shrewd businessman and a calculated hobbyist according to Jeff. He did use the word, calculated because Roger "invests" his monthly allowance in and on dog racing and more often then not, increases his monthly allowance considerably. But every now and again his "investments" don't turn out and it would become Jeff's job to politely tell many times over to an ever-persuasive "Jolly" Roger "NO, I cannot increase your "investment"."

Jeff told this story much better than I. He never missed a beat, his manner was delightful and his delivery will be cherished for a very long time to come.

Thank you Jeff for all of the smiles you will be sorely missed by many we're sure.

Suzanne McNamara