Since 2001 Jefferson Starship has provided a Forum for all of our extended friends and family to share messages. In the past, our often baffling  (and amusing) communiqués have been interrupted by unwanted solicitation (such as SPAM) or by anonymous lurkers who's only purpose in life is to be one with the great scum.

  In an effort to provide a more secure environment, we are trying out a log on system for folks to post to our message boards. Before anyone can post to the Message Boards, we will now require you to log on with a User Name and a Password. All you will have to do is fill out the form below (one time) and you will receive a User Name (in your e-mail ) and a unique Password via e-mail . You will get a Password to use RIGHT NOW after this form is processed.

 None of the information below will be shared with the Public (You might get a card from us sometime though!). You will still be able to use your non de plumes and carry on as before. We just want to insure that everyone here are real people and not some sneaky rat headed delinquent horde of hippy hating,  tablecloth wearing, nazi imposters, whos only intent is a quick lynch (It's just unfriendly) .Those with strong opinions are always welcome to take part in civil discussions.


 The A Deck is for Jefferson Related topics, the Cornfield is for, well, whatever is on your mind. Our Message Boards are Moderated by Paul Kantner himself!

 Fill out the form, get on board! Looking forward to seeing you

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