Ad Astra

The Stars Our Destination

In this year Two Thousand & Two of the Common Era, in

the month of January, with the Past on our shoulders and the

Future in our Hearts, and with the due respect to our

various societies, beliefs and common heritage, we, the living, do


This new Covenant

Of Earth and Fire

& of Air & Water & Ideas

As with a People, so also with Nations and Creeds,

there come times that try our souls, and times our hearts take flame.

The common wisdom and destination, of course, holds true.

And while we live, it behooves us to Dream.

A chancy business of necessity. Dreams may become

nations and nightmares, build hospitals and abattoirs. The maze is

infinite and fraught with risk, but a risk we must take,

for failing to dream, we waste our lives.

So let us not fear, but dream. Let us dream together

and see what may ensue. With a wary eye for misused and

malunderstood machineries, and with our feet on the earth

that bore us and our aspirations on the heavens slowly wheeling

overhead, let us convene.

Let us gather together.

The stars are waiting

Shall we not reach for them?



7000 Gypsies

We leave the Nest now, in spirit foremost, with

breadth of imagination, and we sail out onto the face of the deep, where things are nebulous and unknown, and where the Kraken lurks

below. It becomes our task to fill in the blank expanses of the

map, to banish the “Here be Monsters” signs. The stars

shine like beacons in the dark.

Our quest is to follow them, and take what steps we

may to reach them. Given will enough, and time, the stars are

reachable. That is our faith.

And so it is that we propose The Jefferson Starship

Stellar Cartographic Society aforementioned; a society of Men,

Women & Children dedicated to this Reach, this Imagination,

this Endeavor. We now take this fire in our hands to encourage

this Quest as well as an ongoing Dialogue in these

Directions. Let us fill in the uncharted spaces as we may.

We blithely propose an initial founding membership of

Five Hundred Stellar Cartographers, supporting the aims and goals

of this Society with annual dues of One Hundred dollars per


This should be sufficient to enable the Society to

hold two annual meetings, one on each coast, and very near the Great

Waters, presided over by Paul Kantner and open to all

subscribing members. Music will be provided by the AQU of Jefferson

Starship, though the primary focus and reason for the

gathering is to share ideas and experiences in furtherance of our



These meetings will allow the members and the band to

gather and meet less formally than at traditional concerts.

There will also be these other certain perquisites of

membership: releases of otherwise unavailable musics and literatures,

a newsletter, credentials, passes and items of colossal

‘swag’, boarding passes, as well as the first editions of upcoming


In this year Two Thousand and Two of the Common Era,

under the auspices of the Speed of Speeds, the Die is cast.


Ad Astra Per Aspera


artwork & manifesto created by Jerry Moore.