I thought your site might be interested in putting up a link to a YouTube video of a song I wrote called "Joker's Lie" about a conversation I had with Jerry Garcia at his house many years ago. It's me singing (if you can call it that :-) with "Moonalice" (Barry Sless, John Molo, Roger McNamee, Ann Atomic) at "Pirate's Cove" on the big Island in Hawaii.
All the best,

 Hell yea! Thanks from all of us Pete!

Pete Sear's Story

 I joined the band in 1974 after flying to the States from England where I'd just finished playing piano on Rod Stewart's "Smiler" album. David Freiburg had introduced me to Paul and Grace about a year earlier when they were recording their solo projects at Wally Heiders in San Francisco...I was in another studio co-producing "Insane Asylum" with Kathi McDonald (I also hung out with Jorma around this time while he was recording "Qua"...I later ended up playing with "Hot Tuna" for ten happy years through the 1990's). So after David introduced me to Paul and Grace, I ended up recording some improvised blues piano and Grace wrote the lyrics for "Better Lying Down" on the spot...it came out on her "Manhole" album. Airplane had broken up in 72, and Paul, Grace and David said they were planning on getting a band called "Jefferson Starship" together, and would I like to join. I had to go back to London to record with Rod...but decided to join when I returned in 74. After my then girlfriend (married in 1975) Jeannette and I landed at SFO, Bill Thompson met us with a limousine and put us up at the Seal Rock Inn. The next day I went down to Paul and Graces wonderful house overlooking the ocean side of the San Francisco Bay to see if we'd hit it off...we did, and Grace and I wrote "Hyperdrive" on the spot. The band soon began touring and working on "Dragonfly".


 This old shot that was taken at the same photo shoot for the "Red Octopus" album jacket back in 1975.
That's me standing on the left...I'm sitting (in front of a bottle of Dos Equis) in the one we ended up using. Papa John was a wonderful man...as a musician and a human being. I actually met him before I met Paul and Grace when I played bass on his track "The Janitor Drives a Cadillac" from his solo album; 1970 I think?
A shot from a Jefferson Starship Central Park show in 1976 (that's the date the photographer wrote on the back)...we had a 100,000 people come out that day. That was my favorite period with the band.
Another shot on keyboards from the mid 1970's with Jefferson Starship...I got along very well with David, and we'd switch back and forth on stage between keyboards and bass. David's a wonderful bass player. (Photo slightly altered, I couldn't help it-rick) Finally, a more current shot on bass.