Poetry Corner Page 4


                 by China Kantner Azdair

1. The fire that burned my house down was the most beautiful gold Iíve ever seen. 

2. Van Goghís multiple sunflowers mirrored bright yellow-gold smiles back to eyes that knew only chaos. 

3. Your golden wedding ring caressing your loverís thigh. 

4. Gold leaf ashtray. Black tar heroin. 

5.You cannot see The Golden Sun outside Socratesí cave

6. The hue of Jesus Christ-Gold, begs my bronze hue to listen and follow.

7. The golden breath of Beethovenís ninth symphony.

8. I see the permanence of each golden nut and bolt securing the casket that impregnates your delicate flesh.

9. Golden, honey dipped curls crawl down your cheeks to catch tears that do not belong to you.

10. Soft fur of the retriever patiently awaiting invitation of Mother Wind. 

11. Hazy, golden sunset providing pearls of sweat singing upon each precious jewel to unveil the tragedy of the Taj Mahal.

12. The cracked, metallic Cadillac Gold  nail polish glares with hope upon the hookerís feet.

13. I am the golden mass within your belly praying you donít murder me because of your need for space.

14. Many seek the gold of Caesar. Few seek the Gold of God

15. Gold sticks to the poster board under your name in the first grade. They will never make up for your motherís silence.

16. Your name, emblazoned in lights upon Condorís strip bar in San Francisco.

17. Michelangeloís gold frame engulfing that which is already gold.

18. Gold eyeshadow hugging your red and blue flesh as he hits you.

19. Elvis Presley, I just stepped on the culmination of all that was you on Hollywood Boulevard, adorned with spit, piss and cigarette buts.

20. Search for me behind the glare on my window. Be patient The sun will set eventually.