Poetry Corner Page 5


I was lost
consumed in the deep
a realm of shadow
or a realm of dark

a realm of opisite
or realm of sheep
were no vioce is heard
nor any sound is real

a place of without
or place of within
a place of doubt
or place thats dim

then came a light
washed away the pain
came through a cloud
and shined through the shame

It turned things around
i can see my feet again
some type of power
that came with in

had some vioce
i could not tell
was it a man
or was it a bell

now im preaty sure why
i was in that place
were it was dark
and full of waste

I was not listing
then I fell
deep I went
down in the pits of hell

I did not look
at the things around
wich was wisdom
before I was in the ground

Now im awake
and this were Im going to stay
here in this light
till the day

when im callen
before the well
unto this man
wich was the bell

Lyndon Hudson 18
Havre de Grace Md.