This is the Planet Earth's finest - and longest running - Jefferson Airplane/Jefferson Starship/Hot Tuna and psychedelic/West Coast music fanzine....Holding Together.

Holding Together magazine was started in the 1980s as a response to the complete absence in the mainsteam music press of any coverage of our favorite music (generally West Coast psychedelia past, present and future, particularly that made by Jefferson Airplane, Jefferson Starship and its various off-shoots) and has been produced jointly and severally by Bill Parry and Steve Rowland for over twenty years.

In every issue of HT we aim to offer a mix of: exclusive interviews with current and ex-members of JA/JS and their various off-shoots; interviews with other musicians and bands we enjoy and think you will enjoy too; reviews of live shows, new and re-issued albums by the Jeffersons, other San Francisco/ West Coast/ psychedelic bands et cetera; reprints of archive material from four decades of Rolling Stone, Crawdaddy, Melody Maker, Let It Rock, Zig Zag, Dark Star and so forth; special features; music book reviews; and news compendia on the recent and planned activities of a broad spectrum of bands and artists we dig.
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